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Latest Design Fully Automatic Concrete Bricks blocks Collecting Machine Product line

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A. Sunligh  Automatic collecting bricks advantage(Cuber/Palletize/Wrapper/Strapper )

 1.Automatic Brick Collecting stacker machine System can Collect and stack up produced concrete bricks.meanwhile,it can clean and stack up the pallets
 2.Save 5-6 persons,improve production efficiency
 3. 360 degree rotated Manipulator stacker crane with frequency converter and proportional valve control system. So the Stacker can clamp bricks precisely, operate stably
 4. Independent intelligent console,Using German PLC  components and ICs.LCD display realizes Man-Machine dialogue.
 5.Unique way to push and restack bricks.Bricks can be restacked in a square size(Max:1.2*1.2M)
 6.Using German Close and photoelectricity switches to ensure each action moves correctly
B.Sunlight group advantage

a.One-stop supply chain: Sunlight Group specially in making block machine,fully auto concrete block product line, fuly automatic block collecting product line,block mold, block clamp etc.


b.Innovation: In last 25 years, Sunlight gained many patents,


All of our items use the special technology for platform & mold sympathetic vibration and hydraulic pressure forming way,  combine frequency converter technique to make sure the highly density and high quality blocks. 


c.Quality: Quality is our culture,Ten years lifetime.


d.Service,We are always supply customized scheme and offer the site planning and technical training for free. Enjoy lifetime maintenance

C.Automatic collecting bricks  product line way one:


Fully Automatic Latest Design Concrete Bricks blocks Collecting Machine Product line


D.Automatic collecting bricks  product line way two:

Fully Automatic Latest Design Concrete Bricks blocks Collecting Machine Product line


E.Automatic collecting bricks product line funtion part

Block collecting product line

F.Automatic collecting bricks  product line 2

 Block collecting product line

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Block collecting product line

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